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Premier Research

Today’s highly innovative biotech and specialty pharma companies are doing incredible things. It’s amazing science, and we’ve positioned ourselves right in the middle of the action, targeting the therapeutic areas where these pioneers are doing the most exciting work.

Our unparalleled experience in analgesia spans more than 835 trials and includes every NSAID painkiller sold today. Many of the pain models that are today’s industry standards were developed here.
Neuroscience is an incredibly complex mix of science and nuance. We’ve conducted more than 150 CNS studies in the past five years, and our experts have that something extra — the deft touch that comes only from experience.

Hematology and oncology expertise runs deep here. In more than 140 studies over the past five years, we’ve covered a wide range of indications and performed every aspect and phase of drug development in all of them. Most of our senior staffers have direct experience in the field.

Pediatric research poses unique recruiting, ethical, and regulatory challenges. We know, having done over 100 studies in the past five years. To succeed in this field, you need to understand children — so we created a pediatric certificate training program for all operations staff.

Studying rare diseases often means locating hard-to-find patients and making the most of limited data. In the past five years, we’ve tackled more than 30 indications in over 90+ trials. From recruiting to achieving orphan drug status, we’ve been there.

We have amazing people — smart, experienced, and united by a desire to change the course of medical science. And our constantly evolving suite of automated tools and processes ensures transparency and real-time access to study data, keeping customers informed and in control. - About Us