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Clinical Trials

Our expert research team has experience in virtually every clinical specialty Phase I-IV. While our team specializes in trials related to chronic conditions and healthy volunteer research, we have the expertise to conduct trials related to most clinical subspecialties.

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Therapeutic Coverage

Our clinical investigation team includes staff with specialist knowledge of internal medicine, rheumatology, gastroenterology, urology, neurology, pulmonology, dermatology, and psychiatry. Our highly trained, highly skilled clinical research staff cover a broad range of sub-specialties giving us the capacity to conduct clinical trials and research in most therapeutic indications.

We have a number of active clinical trials and we are currently enrolling participants in trials across a number of clinical areas. If you would like to enroll in an active trial with participant availability or a new trial, please fill out a participant form and we'll be in touch.

Clinical Trial Benefits

Pinnacle Research Group was established in 1998 and is at the cutting edge of clinical trials in the USA. We conduct phase I-IV clinical drug and device studies over a broad therapeutic area, with particular interest in early phase development projects. We have enrolled thousands of participants in hundreds of studies. Our expert research team has experience in studies across the research spectrum, from first-in-human and early phase protocols, to late phase pivotal studies. Our highly trained staff and decades of experience make us a valued resource for participants, physicians, and our pharmaceutical industry partners. Our participants decide to join a clinical trial for a range of reasons including:


Early access

Gain access to new medicines and cutting-edge therapies


Comprehensive knowledge

Benefit from a thorough review of your medical history and expert care throughout the study


Greater good

Advance medical science for those living with chronic illnesses. An opportunity to participate in something bigger than ourselves.


The Evolution of a New Drug or Device

A new drug or device is developed by researchers who have a concept that they believe will treat disease in a way that is lacking in some way. This is called "Discovery". Discovery may be done in any manner of institution, from universities, in a government funded facility, or in commercial biotech/pharmaceutical/medical technology concerns.

Once a viable device or compound is created it is subjected to computer modeling and laboratory testing, then animal testing, and when proven safe, eventually human trials.

Phase 1

Early phase trials ("Phase I") typically occur in healthy subjects and are concerned with proving safety through a step escalation of dose levels. The purpose in enrolling healthy subjects is that those people have fewer factors that may complication the outcome of the study, and they most represent the way that a compound is most accurately metabolized. The data collected in these early studies establishes the path forward in the treatment of the target population (those with the disease to be treated). These early studies typically are not concerned with efficacy, although some early studies are indeed in the target population and do consider efficacy.

Phase 2

The data from the early Phase I studies are used to establish a starting point for dose levels and frequency in the Phase II trials. These studies involve more participants that Phase I studies, but are still low in number. Phase II studies are of safety, effectiveness, and to establish dosing levels and frequency.

Phase 3

These are the final studies conducted prior to FDA consideration of a new drug. They involve larger numbers of patients and are concerned with effectiveness and safety. The data gathered from these trials establish the true viability of a drug or device as an effective treatment over entire populations.

Phase 4

Phase four clinical trials occur after the FDA has approved a drug for marketing, and gather additional information about a drug’s safety, efficacy, and optimal use.

Why Choose Pinnacle?

Since opening our doors in 1998 our highly qualified research team has participated in over 500 studies and has provided results obtained at the highest level of expertise, safety, and ethics. Clinical trials are conducted in our state-of-the-art, Phase I to IV facility in Anniston, Alabama. Our facility can host in-patient and outpatient studies and includes a 7,300ft² phase one unit with 16 beds. We have solid relationships with pharmaceutical companies, with our patients, with our local community, and with medical professionals. Get in touch to see how we can advance your treatment solutions.

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