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New in 2021, our stand-alone clinical research site is fully equipped to manage both inpatient and outpatient studies. With 13,000 square feet dedicated to research, Pinnacle has the capacity to manage the heavy volume demanded by today's research protocols.

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Modern inpatient and outpatient facilities that have cutting-edge research and patient monitoring equipment, as well as comfortable and fully furnished dining, recreation, entertainment, and sleeping spaces for participants. Our research facility spans a generous 13600ft² and includes a fully equipped phase one unit that includes 16 beds in private hospital-style rooms with individual shower facilities.

Participants meals may be made in our on-site kitchen or catered, which can be enjoyed in our spacious indoor and outdoor seating and dining areas. We also have a modern entertainment space for use by all patients.

Our facility also includes comfortable monitoring spaces, diagnostics, emergency management, an infusion suite, back-up generator, outpatient exam rooms, and secure drug storage.

Whether participants are with us for an hour or a week, their comfort and safety are paramount.


Phase one clinical trial unit

Phase one clinical trials are early human studies designed to test an experimental drug or treatment on a small cohort of participants to evaluate safety, drug concentration, and in some cases efficacy. They must be undertaken in a unit specifically designed to handle the monitoring and evaluation of participants that this phase of trial requires. Our phase one clinical trial unit has been purpose built to safely handle phase one clinical drug and device trials.

Since 2006 our clinical trial research team have undertaken many successful phase one healthy volunteer and intent-to-treat studies spanning multiple therapeutic areas, and have honed and refined our facility to provide robust results in a safe and secure clinical setting.


Phase 1 Unit Features

A fully equipped, 7,300' Phase I Clinical Research Unit, located across from a Regional Medical Center. Equipment list is as follows: -80 Freezers (3), -20 Freezer, Pharmacy Refrigerator (3), Refrigerated Centrifuge (3), Incubator, Flow Cytometry/PBMC Processing, ECG (3), AED, Crash Cart, Temperature Monitoring.


12 Beds

Patient rooms are in a typical hospital configuration, with two beds and a bathroom/shower for each. Each room includes comfortable seating and entertainment.


Common Areas

Common areas include kitchen, dining, breakroom and lounge.

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High Speed Internet

The facility includes WiFi and Ethernet and is supplied by fiber optic cable.



Kitchen with commercial features, including stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher.


Large Showers

Each subject room has a private or semi-private bath/shower with handicap access.



Television in subject rooms with streaming applications as well as video game systems.


Laundry Service

Laundry facility with washer and dryer.


Dining Arrangements

Equipped and furnished dining room.

On-premises Equipment

We are a cutting-edge research facility with state-of-the-art medical equipment that gives us the very best in diagnostic and emergency management capabilities.

Our DEXA system, a Hologic Horizon Wi, is capable of full body composition and visceral/subcutaneous fat assessment. New in 2023.

ECG (4)TelemetryX-RayDEXA/DXASpirometryUltrasoundCrash CartOxygenDefibrillator/AEDFully equipped infusion suiteDopplerTreadmillHolter Monitoring-20 Scientific Freezer-80 degree Celsius Freezer (3)Refrigerators (4)Refrigerated & ambient centrifugeBack-up generatorSecure drug storageLaminar flow hoodInfusion SuiteLaboratoryFlow Cytometry/PBMC'sPharmacyBiosafety CabinetIncubator

Location & Emergency Access

Pinnacle Research Group is located in downtown Anniston, Alabama, across from the Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center, a full service community hospital.