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Colon Cancer Screening and Lung Cancer Screening

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We maintain a database including patient contact information and medical history. We use this database to determine eligibility for our current trials and to contact eligible patients to notify them of any trials they may qualify for. Our database is secure, and access is limited to trained health professionals in our organization. The answers you provide in this survey including your contact information may be stored in our database but will remain private. If you choose to be removed from our database, text REMOVE to 256-600-9469. If you choose to stop receiving text alerts about our studies, text STOP to the same number. You can also call 256-403-7711 and request to be removed. By clicking next you agree to have your contact information and personal health information stored in our secure database.

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Clinical Trial Benefits

Pinnacle Research Group was established in 1998 and is at the cutting edge of clinical trials in the USA. We conduct phase I-IV clinical drug and device studies over a broad therapeutic area, with particular interest in early phase development projects. We have enrolled thousands of participants in hundreds of studies. Our expert research team has experience in studies across the research spectrum, from first-in-human and early phase protocols, to late phase pivotal studies. Our highly trained staff and decades of experience make us a valued resource for participants, physicians, and our pharmaceutical industry partners. Our participants decide to join a clinical trial for a range of reasons including:


Early access

Gain access to new medicines and cutting-edge therapies


Comprehensive knowledge

Benefit from a thorough review of your medical history and expert care throughout the study


Greater good

Advance medical science for those living with chronic illnesses. An opportunity to participate in something bigger than ourselves.

5 Things to Consider

Joining a clinical trial is an important decision and it is important to carefully consider if trial participation is right for you. There are benefits of participation, including early access to novel medications, access to expert medical care, and the chance to help in the development of something that may benefit others. Risks associated with study participation include adverse events associated with typical medical procedures (such as blood draws) as well as potential side effects of the medication/treatment. Please take a moment to read through our list of considerations before enrolling in a clinical trial.

Participating in a clinical trial is an important responsibility. Each participant has a role in the outcome of a study. It is important that you follow the study instructions so that the information received is accurate, which is critical to study outcomes.


Is this your decision?

It is imperative that you make the decision to be a clinical trial participant independently and do not feel pressured to be involved. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk the decision over with family and friends, but the final decision must be yours alone.


Have you considered the risks?

At Pinnacle Research, we go to great lengths to ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of our participants. Treatments tested at our facility have been carefully considered and tested before making it to our facility. However, there may be risks associated with experimental trials. Before you participate in a study, be sure you’ve talked with your doctor, as well as one of our clinical research professionals, so that you fully understand the nature the trial.


Do you have the time?

Most clinical trials involve routine testing and observation. Depending on the study, you may be required to complete multiple visits to our clinic, or for certain studies may even stay overnight. While not every trial will involve such extensive time commitments, you will want to be sure your schedule, daily obligations, and travel capabilities allow you to fully participate.


Do you fit the profile?

Most clinical trials are looking for participants who fit a very specific profile. If you don’t meet the requirements you may not be able to enroll.


Do you trust the clinic performing the trial?

We employ one of the most experienced and highly qualified research teams in the country. Our facility is state-of-the-art, and our working practice on all clinical trials places the safety and comfort of participants as the highest priority. Our facility is regularly and independently reviewed (including the FDA). We have an exemplary record and have never been given cause for remediation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. A fully qualified research team member can answer any questions you have about an upcoming trial. If you are considering becoming a clinical trial participant it is essential that you trust the clinicians that will be caring for you. We work hard to build trust with all of our participants and to work ethically and transparently.

Why Choose Pinnacle?

Since opening our doors in 1998 our highly qualified research team has participated in over 500 studies and has provided results obtained at the highest level of expertise, safety, and ethics. Clinical trials are conducted in our state-of-the-art, Phase I to IV facility in Anniston, Alabama. Our facility can host in-patient and outpatient studies and includes a 7,300ft² phase one unit with 16 beds. We have solid relationships with pharmaceutical companies, with our patients, with our local community, and with medical professionals. Get in touch to see how we can advance your treatment solutions.

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